How do you change legacy operating models, technologies and practices in an organization that was founded in the 1890s?

That was one of the major roadblocks Contino faced with a recent client in the US. After years of data center expansion, vendor driven software development and various data incidents, the client decided to adopt more automated practices and tooling to allow for secure software deployment to the AWS cloud. The client brought Contino in to realize this beta pipeline build and future workload migrations. The end result was that the client went from provisioning that took days or weeks to being able to test and deploy in minutes, allowing for more rapid testing and much tighter feedback loops to the product delivery teams.

What you’ll learn during this webinar:
- DevOps principles seen through both an engineering and business lens
- Why leadership buy-in is critical to successful engagements
- The benefits of creating high-performing teams
- The target tools and services that helped facilitate the solution
- How security, AWS, DevOps and business operations are all integrated to drive for sustainable digital transformation in a highly regulated organization

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