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Building a Cloud Operating Model Brick by Brick: A Blueprint for Cloud Transformation Success

Cloud adoption has been hailed as one of the crucial enablers of successful business. Getting the most out of the cloud means better efficiency, resiliency, security, agility and innovation, but not all organisations have harnessed the full benefits of the cloud.


Because the processes, team structures, strategies, KPIs—and other key components in an organisation's operationsdidn’t keep pace. To truly unlock the benefits of cloud, we need to address the strategy and operating model side of the equation, as well as the technology side.

In this white paper we'll show you:

  • What a cloud op model looks like and why you need it
  • How to implement a solid cloud operating model that unlocks innovation
  • How to structure your teams and align areas of accountability
  • The 'team journey' approach that brings out the best in your team and your technology
  • Why you should treat cloud like a product