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Customer Churn: How to Use Data to Predict and Prevent Customer Loss

Customers are more empowered than ever. Faced with an abundance of choice, they're looking for personalised experiences, and they're not afraid to shop around.

Once you've beaten the competition to get a customer, how do you nurture them so that they keep coming back? Businesses have to work harder than ever to keep customers engaged, and given that it's cheaper to retain customers than attract new ones, it makes sense to pay attention to your existing client base.

In this white paper, we dig into the costly world of customer churn and how businesses can harness their own data to identify and address customer churn challenges.

Download the white paper now to find out:

  • The key signs that may indicate you have a churn problem
  • How to spot whether you’re at risk of rising churn
  • Real-life churn cases and how to turn things around
  • The best way to accurately monitor and predict churn