We help companies move to cloud native architecture and software development practices in order to accelerate time to market and maximise organisational agility.

We also provide transformative capability via the build of API platforms, microservices and serverless architectures. 

This can be applied in an application modernisation driver, or as part of the build of new transformation.

  • Cloud Native Application Development

    Deliver greenfield cloud-native software projects that provide differentiated services to your customers.

  • Cloud Native Modernisation

    Complete refactoring of legacy applications to remove technical debt while ensuring no interruption to the revenue stream of the business. 

  • Container Strategy

    Establish the business value of moving towards a microservice architecture, supported by the people, process and technology changes required and using best-of-breed tooling such as Kubernetes. 

  • Microservice Development

    Develop a standardised API framework that enables faster delivery of software products and integration opportunities with trusted third parties.

Business Outcome

  1. Accelerated time-to-market
  2. Elimination of technical debt 
  3. Opportunities for integration with trusted third parties