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Cloud-Native Development

Cloud Native Development

A cloud-native approach to software is critical to maximising the game-changing benefits of the public cloud.

We build cloud-native products and platforms while helping you to adopt cloud-native methodologies.

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Our Cloud-Native Services

Cloud-Native Product Development

Deliver greenfield cloud-native software projects that provide differentiated services to your customers.

Cloud-Native Modernisation

Complete refactoring of legacy applications to remove technical debt while ensuring no interruption to the revenue stream of the business.

Container Strategy

Establish the business value of moving towards a microservice architecture, supported by the people, process and technology changes required and using best-of-breed tooling such as Kubernetes.

Microservice Development

Develop a standardised API framework that enables faster delivery of software products and integration opportunities with trusted third parties.

Customer Experience (CX) Design

Designing and building customer-centric digital products that create a seamless user journey throughout your brand.

We Can Help With Your Toughest Cloud-Native Challenges

    How do you move from a 'project' to a 'product' mindset?
    How can you use cloud-native methodologies to get the most out of the cloud?
    How should you break down monoliths into modern software architectures?
    How can you educate your teams on modern tech stacks at scale?
    How can you create cloud-native software development standards at scale?

What Is Cloud-Native?

Cloud-native is the biggest enabler in a generation.

Check out our video for an introduction to cloud-native: what it is, why it matters and how it helps to accelerate digital innovation.

Our Cloud-Native Case Studies

Green Flag and Contino Cloud-Native Case Study

Creating a Serverless Cloud-Native Platform to Help Green Flag Break Away from Legacy and Build a Rapid, Modern Rescue Service

Case Study

How Contino Helped EDF to Create a Modern, Cloud-Native Engineering Team in Just 14 Weeks

Case Study

NASDAQ-100 Enterprise: Scaling Cloud-Native Workloads

Case Study

Our Other Services

Our services are designed to weave together to create a holistic transformation project.

Enterprise Transformation

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Cloud Platform Build & Migration

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Security and DevSecOps

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Data Platforms and Analytics

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