We help enterprises leverage game changing approaches to software delivery and IT operations at speed and scale.

This involves modernising working practices and helping companies move to a lean, value driven operating model commonly known as DevOps.

We introduce the necessary automation so that applications and infrastructure can be managed at speed and efficiently, maximising security without introducing risk.

We follow a proven template and data-driven maturity and business case framework to transform large organisations’ IT delivery capability.

  • DevOps Assessment & Strategy

    Developing a strategy for where and how to apply DevOps tools, practices and approaches to accelerate technology delivery at scale.

  • DevOps Lighthouse Projects

    Delivering projects with new working practices to demonstrate the benefits and establish a repeatable operating model.

  • DevOps & Cloud Automation

    Automation of deployments and platform management to accelerate time to value and increase efficiencies.

  • DevOps Capability Uplift

    Delivering projects side-by-side to build the skills and capability of the teams within your organisation.

  • Enterprise DevOps at Scale

    Momentum: Our proven framework for helping enterprises to move to a DevOps operating model in the cloud at scale.

Business Outcome

  1. Transform your software delivery engine to deliver innovative features at speed and scale 
  2. Adopt modern working practices at scale
  3. Reduce costs and increase efficiencies