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How to Safely Navigate the Observability River: Your Complete Guide to Monitoring & Observability

To improve your platforms and applications, you need to understand how they perform in a production environment.

And how can you achieve this? By implementing a rock-solid observability platform.

Join us on a journey down the “Observability River” as we take in all the components of a successful observability platform.

In this eBook, we’ll cover:

  • What observability is and why you need to be investing in it
  • The difference between logs, metrics, and traces, and when to use each of them to troubleshoot or predict system events
  • What we mean by the “Observability River” and how you can use it to reach your observability goals
  • How to choose the right observability solution for your business
  • A complete list of tools you need to know about from a range of different providers