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The State of Cloud Security in the Enterprise

How confident are you in your cloud security posture—and how confident should you be?

Our customers often ask us how their security postures compare to other enterprises and the answer is, of course, complex. Not only do we have to consider security practices, audits and personnel, but we also have to factor in industry, context and an organisation’s culture and attitude towards security.

So, to give you a fuller, more comprehensive picture of the cloud security landscape, we decided to commission a survey of more than 350 senior and C-suite level respondents across key verticals about their security postures.

Our report on the State of Cloud Security in the Enterprise covers the current hot topics including the impact of GRC, zero trust, and the hiring trends in security, and we find out how confident enterprises are in their security postures.

Read the full report to learn about:

  • The main security threats that keep people up at night
  • Which security certs can give engineers the edge
  • The three signs of a good security posture