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Content Hub

Insurance ebook cover

The Data-Driven Transformation of Insurance: 7 Data, AI and ML Use Cases That Differentiate Your Business

Data Maturity in the Public Cloud Report

Data Maturity in the Public Cloud Report

White Paper
Talent Map of Australia

The Voice of Talent 2021: Top 10 Reasons Why Technologists Join and Leave an Organisation

White Paper
Cloud Landing Zone

How to Build a Cloud Landing Zone That Delivers Real Business Value

White Paper
Top 20 Digital Transformation Innovators

Top 20 Digital Transformation Innovators: Europe 2021

White Paper
The State of the Public Cloud

The State of the Public Cloud in the Enterprise: Contino Research Report 2020

White Paper
Cloud Migration in the Enterprise

The Definitive Guide to Cloud Migration in the Enterprise: Here Be Dragons!

White Paper
Contino Guide to Cloud-Native

The Ultimate Guide to Cloud-Native: Breaking Out of On-Prem Prison

White Paper
Payments Industry Ebook

The Future of the Payments Industry: How to Liberate the Data in Your Mainframe and Become Competitive Again!

DevOps in Financial Services

The State of DevOps in Financial Services

White Paper
Contino SRE White Paper

Creating Antifragile Systems: Site Reliability Engineering for the Enterprise

White Paper
Intro to DevSecOps

Introduction to DevSecOps & Best Practices for Adoption

White Paper
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