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Event driven architecture

Event-Driven Architecture: What It Is and How to Use It Effectively

1 December 2022
BI and data visualisation

How BI Modernisation Calls for Embedded Analytics to Improve UX and DX

23 November 2022
Contino / Stripe

Contino and Stripe: 3 Fresh Takes on Why You Should Modernise Your Digital Insurance Platform

16 November 2022
cloud op model

How to Build a Successful Cloud Operating Model That Puts Data First

14 November 2022
Digital Transformation

Why Successful Digital Transformations Need More Than C-Suite Buy-In

26 October 2022

Contino Supports the Ministry of Defence at Astra Appivate’s Defence Hackathon

19 October 2022
Hybrid cloud

How a Hybrid Cloud Solution Can Help You Leverage Value From Existing Investments

12 October 2022
Data platforms

6 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs a Data Platform

5 October 2022
platform engineer

Good Platform Engineering: What It Is and How to Make It Work For You

28 September 2022
green software engineering

Green Coding: The Secrets to Unlocking More Sustainable Software Engineering

14 September 2022

Sustainability and Google Cloud: 5 Key Areas to Help Improve Your Sustainability Posture

8 September 2022
Cloud security

Cloud Controls Matrix: How to Secure Your Journey to the Cloud

24 August 2022

20 Terraform Best Practices to Create Clean and Reusable Code

18 August 2022

How to Secure Serverless Applications Using the Principle of Least Privilege

11 August 2022
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