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Security and DevSecOps


Adopt DevSecOps to go faster and innovate, while always staying secure!

How can you turn security from the Department of ‘No’ into a key
enabler of innovation?

We help you turn security from a single siloed team into a mindset that is embedded across your business.

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Our Security Services

Cloud Security Assessment

Review and analyse application infrastructure and data security policies and ensure they are supported by cloud-native lifecycle management process.

Securing Delivery Pipelines

Design and implementation of static and runtime security scanning solutions that identify threats and vulnerabilities earlier in the SDLC.

DevSecOps Maturity Assessment

Our experts execute short, sharp assessment to establish the current state of DevSecOps maturity against best practice.

Container Security Strategy

Design, build and implementation of secure container provisioning processes that enable real-time scanning of containers to proactively address vulnerabilities and third party attacks.

DevSecOps Consulting

Assessing and building a roadmap for infrastructure- and compliance-as-code, shifting security left in the delivery lifecycle.

We Can Help You With the Toughest Security Challenges

    How do you manage and mitigate risks in the world of cloud?
    How do you shift security left and embed it in everything you do?
    How do you transform security from a siloed team into an organisation-wide mindset?
    How do you educate around cloud and application security at scale?
    How do you manage the transition from a data centre mindset to a security-as-code mindset?

Our Security Case Studies


NASDAQ-100 Enterprise: Scaling Cloud-Native Workloads

Case Study
Green Flag and Contino Cloud-Native Case Study

Creating a Serverless Cloud-Native Platform to Help Green Flag Break Away from Legacy and Build a Rapid, Modern Rescue Service

Case Study
Global bank

Global Bank: Empowering Their Mobile Software Delivery Teams

Case Study

Our Other Services

Our services are designed to weave together to create a holistic transformation project.

Enterprise Transformation

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Cloud Platform Build & Migration

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Cloud-Native Development

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Data Platforms and Analytics

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