We help enterprises build secure, scalable and cost-effective enterprise cloud platforms.

We then help our clients migrate their application workloads onto these cloud platforms, taking a value-driven approach to re-architecting and modernising applications as part of the migration. We also help with the strategic elements of moving to cloud, including platform and tooling selection, and in the provision of detailed TCO and business case development.


    Design a strategy to navigate the landscape of cloud solutions, platforms and tooling, and where and how to adopt them to drive value.

  • Rapid TCO Assessment

    Capture the estimated costs of migrating workloads to the cloud and articulate the financial business case for adoption.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment

    Understand current readiness and subsequent steps to successfully migrate an application to the cloud.

  • Application Discovery

    Discovery of applications and infrastructure and development of the 6-R strategy for applications using a metric- and ROI-driven approach.

  • Application Migration

    Large-scale mass migration including lift and shift and re-architecture approaches using a value-driven approach.

Business Outcome

  1. Reduce infrastructure delays and bottlenecks
  2. Accelerate time-to-market for new features and products
  3. Reduce costs and move from CapEx to OpEx model

Contino Cloud Economics Accelerator on AWS

FinServ organizations are increasingly looking to utilize the cloud, but need to make a reliable business case to do so. Desired benefits such as time-to-market and agility must be balanced with cost efficiency and quality.

Our Cloud Economics Accelerator on AWS provides a proven approach to assess the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) for the move to the cloud.

This includes considering factors such as application portfolio, suitability for the cloud, migration complexity, and cloud costs to give you a comprehensive business case for AWS adoption. Also check out our page on AWS Migration and Adoption.