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The Ultimate Guide to Cloud-Native: Breaking Out of On-Prem Prison

Life in on-prem prison is hard for a young developer. You try to get good work done. But you spend most of your time just overcoming the limits you have before you. Surviving day to day.

But there’s hope: cloud-native!

Cloud-native is the biggest enabler in a generation.

In this white paper, we explore how cloud-native can help you to break free of the constraints of on-prem prison.

What we cover:

  • Introduction to On-Prem Prison
  • What Is Cloud-Native?
  • The 5 Steps to Break Out of On-Prem Prison
    • Cloud-Native Architecture
    • Cloud-Native Development
    • Cloud-Native Observability
    • Cloud-Native Tooling
    • Event-Driven Systems
  • How to Develop Software in a Cloud-Native Environment
  • 17 KILLER Cloud-Native Principles and Practices