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The Voice of Talent 2021: Top 10 Reasons Why Technologists Join and Leave an Organisation

The global pandemic has highlighted the need to close the digital skills gap.

Tech talent is in high demand right now, but how exactly can companies attract top talent—and more importantly, how can they retain it?

Contino surveyed 178 technologists from a range of industries, age groups and career levels across Australia to uncover the most popular reasons technologists join and leave an organisation.

From our data, we compiled a list of the top 10 reasons for joining and leaving an organisation.

We answer the following questions to help inform your talent strategy:

  • How important is the salary package?
  • What makes a great company culture?
  • How much do technologists value learning and development?
  • What should your company be doing more of to attract and retain top talent?
  • ...and more

Get the report for a full countdown to the number one reason for technologists joining and leaving a company.