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The Future of the Payments Industry: How to Liberate the Data in Your Mainframe and Become Competitive Again!

Serious competition from the likes of Apple and Google is resulting in an ever-evolving set of new products and services in the payments ecosystem.

How can the incumbents keep up?

The key: you are sitting on a gold mine of data in your mainframe!

You can use this gold mine to formulate powerful new products and propositions as well as gain insights into customers and industry trends.

In this eBook we look at the challenges in the payments space and how you can use the power of the cloud to unlock your mainframe and become competitive again:

  • Key challenges and threats in the payments ecosystem
  • How to get back in the game: liberating the mainframe
  • Our solution for live-streaming mainframe data to the cloud
  • How to formulate new products and propositions with the data
  • Real-life case study: global payment processing company