We look ahead at the technology innovations that will be impacting the Australian market over the next 12 months 

It is clear that both individuals and businesses are struggling to keep up with technology innovation. The digital-driven and globally-connected world has presented as many opportunities for organisations as it has obstacles.

So, with so many innovative technologies becoming available, what will IT teams be focused on in 2018?

Our The State of Digital Transformation in Australia research report asked over 110 technology professionals: how important will big data, machine learning and AI be to your 2018 digital strategy? Respondents gave a rating of an impressive 3.75 out of five.

The significance of these technologies has been accepted for a number of years, but organisations of all sizes are still not making the most out of the possibilities they offer. Big data, machine learning and AI should all be used in unison to unlock the true potential.

Companies have been capturing information for many years and have acquired more customer related data than ever before. This offers technical challenges around capturing the data but also affords massive opportunities. Through the use of new machine learning techniques organisations can automatically identify trends and query as well as evaluate data in real-time. Additionally, top cloud providers now offer ways to easily access these machine learning techniques in order to integrate them into product development.

However, despite professionals keeping abreast of the above technological innovations, the Internet of Things (IoT) remains off the radar of many businesses. Only 33.39 per cent of respondents said IoT would be part of their 2018 strategy. This may down to the fact that IoT still remains an emerging technology. Many organisations may not have discovered or even have a use for it yet, but the growth of IoT will likely change this perception over the coming years. 

Why companies should be thinking about IoT now:

Wearables are already becoming a part of our daily way of life. Connecting technology to the physical world means an instant abundant source of data. This will be an invaluable asset to businesses in the future, as IoT will allow them to:

• Create products that customers really want
• Make smarter business decisions in real-time
 • Adapt business models to keep up with a constantly changing world.
Consequently, making IoT part of an organisation’s digital strategy will ensure it is not left behind.

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