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Avatars of Federico Fregosi and Ethan Sumner at a desk with microphones

[Podcast] Why Developer Experience Is Worth the Investment

6 July 2023
Azure finance tools

Azure Finance: Key Tools You Need To Support Your Cost Management Strategy

28 June 2023
Cloud FinOps

A Complete Guide on Using FinOps To Achieve Financial Excellence

14 June 2023

DevEx: Why Developer Experience Really Matters to Your Organisation

7 June 2023
An image of a spinning blue robot against a blue/red gradient background

[Infographic] The Six Steps of Churn Detection: How To Predict and Prevent Customer Loss

31 May 2023
Azure DevOps

How Azure DevOps Can Empower Your Business Through Enterprise Transformation

24 May 2023
Image shows a laptop with metrics on the screen, with a cartoon of the author pointing at the metrics. A cartoon woman is looking at a pie chart.

How OpenTelemetry Can Help Businesses Keep Up With the Modern World of Observability

17 May 2023
A colourful image of an animated man and a woman playing with video games, against a gradient blue/green background. The woman has red headphones on and is sat on a giant games console controller; the man is holding a tablet device.

Why Innovation Should Be Part of Every Step of Your Product Life Cycle

12 May 2023
A mesh with two robot heads sticking out against a blue-to-red diagonal gradient background

How Data Meshes Can Help Businesses Better Manage Their Data

3 May 2023
Two images of a robot - one feeling low with self doubt, one overcoming negative feelings; its arms above its head in celebration

Impostor Syndrome: Feeling Behind When It Comes to the Cloud? You’re Not Alone.

28 April 2023
Azure synapse analytics

What is Azure Synapse & How Can it Help you Handle your Data Avalanche

14 April 2023
Agile Cookbook

The 8 Key Ingredients You Need to Master Agile Ways of Working

5 April 2023
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