14-19 November saw the launch of Docker Global Mentor Week!   

This global event was designed to facilitate community-based learning and teaching around Docker technology. Newbies could come and pick up the basics, while old hands could pass their knowledge on and support the community. There were over 100 individual events around the world, featuring thousands of bright-eyed Docker enthusiasts.

At Contino, we couldn’t pass up on that action!

So to make our contribution to the community we jumped in to organise and sponsor the Docker Meetup events in London and New York that took place as part of the Mentor Week.

Contino run both the Docker London and New York Meetups, myself in London and Jesse White in our New York office. We worked together to facilitate learning between the groups by recruiting mentors and creating learning materials.

Both events included a selection of self-paced labs for attendees to work through, based on their existing skill set (beginner or intermediate) and what they wanted to learn (containers on Linux? Windows?).

So what happened? (Psst. If you want to have a look yourself, search Twitter for #LearnDocker).

Learning in London

The Docker London Meetup saw excellent turnout, with over 150 laptop-bearing attendees making their way through the doors of the HP Enterprise offices, where the event was hosted.

You can have a look at the agenda and attendees on the official Meetup page for the event.

You could take it from me that much fun was had, much knowledge was exchanged and much pizza and beer consumed, but pictures (and Twitter statuses?) are worth a thousand words:



 Docker London.png

Image: Knuckling down in the Docker London Meetup

New knowledge in New York

New York attendance pipped London slightly, with about 200 making their way to the Cisco HQ to absorb Docker knowledge (either that or they really like cartoon whales). You can check out the agenda on the Meetup page.

Here are some of my favourite pictures and Twitter stati from the night:

What’s next?

Firstly, hats off to Docker for facilitating such an enormous global effort!

The global reach of this event is a testament to the exponential growth of Docker and the incredible potential of the technology to facilitate better software by increasing agility and portability.

From Bangalore to Bucharest to Buenos Aires, a huge community was getting together to learn and share knowledge.  

If you want to get more involved in the Docker Community, in addition to signing up for the London and New York Docker Meetups, you can join the Docker Community Site (DCS) for lots of resources, invitations and updates.

And if you’re just getting started with the technology, why not play with Docker? This is a great resource for beginners.

Finally, if you’re interested in taking your Docker skills to the next level, have a look at our Certified Docker training.




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