Contino’s first report on The State of Digital Transformation in Australia investigates how organisations are approaching their 2018 digital strategies, in terms of people, process and technology.

We launched the research project to uncover what digital transformation actually means to Australian technology departments, together with the biggest challenges and opportunities teams currently face.

During my decade-long career in the Australian technology sector I have witnessed new business models emerging in ways that, at first glance, may seem to be random. The traditional definition of an organisation – the notion of mobilising
a network of human resources and capabilities to pull in the same direction – is disappearing as companies are forced to adapt to the digital world and employees to new ways of working.

The digital revolution has changed the ways in which people interact with organisations and vice versa. Therefore, it has dramatically impacted how people become prospects and make purchase decisions. Organisations need to radically change if they are to stay competitive in this climate. As a result, technology teams need to quickly adapt their organisational operations to meet the demands of the digital era and the app economy. And, in order to do this, processes need to be streamlined and automated to support a new kind of customer experience.

However, this gigantic task cannot be completed overnight, and companies that rush to digitally transform their entire operations will fail en masse. This study underscores just this point, showing IT teams are already stretched as they attempt to deal with multiple competing priorities. To avoid failure, the answer is not to undertake massive digital transformations, but instead start with smaller digital transformation projects
that will allow organisations to embed new ways of working which can be rolled out over time – without turning the department and its already full to-do-list upside down.

Below are the top findings from the report, and you can read the full report here.



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Andrew Brydon

VP of Consulting - APAC

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