I will use the following example to make my point...


Take two equally talented tech recruiters, both are tasked to search LinkedIn for 'the best 50 profiles', then follow up with a message informing them about a role. Let’s assume both find the exact same 50 profiles. However, one of these recruiters works for Google, whilst the other recruiter works for an unknown company.


The recruiter that works for Google will have a good portion of those targets respond, while the recruiter that works for the unknown company will be lucky to get one to respond out of the 50.


It’s obvious: Google has huge market recognition and has an extremely powerful and well-known employer brand.


You can be the best recruiter in the world, however the only way you will be able to compete with the Googles of the world is by improving your company’s name in the market! You need to invest in marketing and you need to promote your employer brand!

The basics of creating a great employer brand are:

  1. Make sure you have a great website, with a proper careers page, defining a clear EVP and –if possible – include a careers video.

  2. You need to have a strong social presence, particularly LinkedIn, need to have a powerful LinkedIn careers page, with regular messaging. Additionally, Twitter, Facebook and others also help.

  3. Strong online presence, you are searchable, you are on various job sites (Seek, Glassdoor, Monster etc.)

Plus, you need more aggressive marketing tactics...

  • Get involved in tech community events, get your staff to speak at these events to get your company out there. It's critical that you become a known name in the community scene.

  • Get your staff to blog and then share on various forums, 'techies' love reading blogs and it is a great way to get exposure.

The recruiters at Google should be hugely thankful that Google has such a powerful name. If your company does not invest in regular marketing, please do so immediately. Marketing not only impacts your sales, it also impacts your ability to attract top talent.

Finally, if you treat your staff well, provide a great working environment and have exciting projects to work on this will spread through the tech community –either positively or negatively. So make sure it’s a positive working experience for your employees!



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Gerhard Schweinitz

Head of Talent (APAC)

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