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Only 18 months after opening a US office for the first time, Contino is opening a third US office in Boston’s historic Leather District.

Boston is a renowned tech base — its Kendall Square area near MIT has been dubbed “the most innovative square mile on the planet” and, with multiple top-rank universities in the vicinity, there is plenty of local tech talent. Located in South Station WeWork, the new office is in the heart of Boston’s thriving tech district.

Jason McDonald, who recently joined as President to lead and expand the US business, commented on the new office: “The Boston tech scene was thriving in the 80s before a slow-down began in the 00s. We’re now seeing a resurgence in VC investment in tech in the region, so it’s an incredibly exciting place to be. I’m thrilled to be heading up the office and look forward to building out a passionate team in the region.”

Pipeline is growing in the US, and the new office is needed to support Contino’s ambitious growth strategy as it looks to attract the critical and in-demand DevOps talent needed to deliver innovative digital transformation projects. The move also enhances Contino’s ability to support large cross-Atlantic clients and cements its global stance and capability.

The US dominates reports on digital transformation, but is still only at the beginning of the growth curve. As such, the region represents a remarkable opportunity for digital transformation and this expansion reflects the importance that Contino’s leadership team places both on the US market and on developing broad geographical capability.

Matt Farmer, Contino CEO, stated: “We’ve seen first-hand that the demand in the US for DevOps experience and proven expertise is through the roof as enterprises increasingly feel pressure to transform: either from competitors, from their customers or from frustrated teams within their own organization. Our new base in Boston will provide another pillar of support to those companies who are looking to transform to a faster, more innovative and customer-focused way of delivering digital experiences.”

Jason has come to Contino, and to Boston, with a customer-focused growth strategy in mind: “I came here from AWS where I learned a lot about the importance of a customer-centric mindset. And that’s what I bring with me: I want a customer-obsessed view to be our differentiator. DevOps is not the same in every company, each one is unique. And DevOps is an almost ‘tribal’ thing that gets developed in unique ways over time in each company. I want to work with what our customers have today to reinvent them for tomorrow.”

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  • Matt Farmer

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Matt is responsible for the successful growth of the business globally, whilst building and leading a talented executive leadership team. Matt brings over 15 years of management and line of business experience from his prior roles where he founded and successfully grew many consulting businesses within the technology sector across development, collaboration and DevOps.

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