A few quick thoughts on some approaches that I see time and again in the enterprise that will stop you from getting the most out of your cloud programme.

1. Cloud Broker: Putting big enterprise-y bloatware between you and your cloud APIs 

The multi-cloud sales pitches emphasise the consistent experience and controls across clouds, but the reality is that you end up stuck with outdated APIs, leaky abstractions, and tied into lowest common denominator services. Stick with native access to your cloud!  

Be careful as data centre-centric software companies are trying to sell their rebadged old stuff as hybrid to remain relevant. 

2. Portability Obsession: Avoiding tie in to higher-level services in the name of portability

This means you miss a lot of the time-to-value benefits of the cloud when the chance that you will actually want to move are tiny.  

Keep an eye on portability, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!   

3. Split Investment: Reducing momentum by spreading yourself too thin

Building an enterprise cloud platform and getting momentum behind adoption is hard. Splitting your investment, hiring efforts and engineering programmes across multiple clouds means that you will struggle to achieve critical mass or demonstrate rapid ROI, so your cloud adoption programme will come under pressure. 

Our advice is to come down off the fence and do some business valuable work with one cloud provider in a cloud-native manner.



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Benjamin Wootton

Co-Founder and CTO

Benjamin Wootton is the Co-Founder and CTO of Contino. He has worked with tens of enterprise organisations on DevOps transformation and is a hands-on DevOps engineer with expertise in cloud and containers.

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