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Contino Squad Model

The Contino Squad Model: What It Is and Why It Works

It’s no secret that real digital transformation in the enterprise is…complex!

It’s about much more than just technology change. It also requires a huge shift in culture. And cultural change can be difficult to tackle.

That’s why we choose to work with our customers at every level of their transformation, taking into account everything from people and process to technology.

In this blog, we’ll share a bit more about the Contino Squad Model: What it is and why it works!

What Is a Squad?

To make each and every transformation initiative a success, we align the different areas of our business to a cross-functional team that works to support all the elements of your transformation.

We call this team a Squad.

Contino Squad

Every customer we work with has a dedicated squad made up of Continis from across the business. This includes representatives from marketing, sales, talent, people, finance, consulting, engineering and leadership. Together, the squad works to help you achieve your business goals from all angles of a transformation.

What Are the Benefits of the Squad Model?

The Squad Model enables us to deliver innovative solutions fast. It also helps our customers tell their stories, transform their culture and find the right people to make their journey a success.

1. Dual Delivery and Upskilling

We know that to create long-term, sustainable change, your people need to be at the heart of what we do together—fostering an engineering-first culture.

That’s why on every Squad, you’ll find a group of experienced and passionate Contino engineers and technical consultants that work closely alongside your own teams to successfully deliver against agreed outcomes—sharing knowledge and upskilling your teams and transforming your ways of working.

2. Gives You Direct Access to Our Entire Team

Squads provide a direct route into each area of our business. We know this minimises delays and accelerates your transformation journey. All the relevant stakeholders are already involved so we can respond quickly to any challenges that arise and move forward with key initiatives designed to help you.

3. Greater Flexibility to Adapt to Changing Needs

Our consultants are with you from day one to ensure our activity is completely in line with your expectations—advising on strategic milestones so that your journey is as seamless as possible.

We also know that your needs may change! We mobilise the best team possible for your challenge, adding new skills into the Squad when necessary so you have the right expertise on hand at every step of your journey.

It’s about creating a long-term, joint partnership that is fully flexible to suit your needs.

4. People-First Approach

Squads enable us to go one step further than delivering innovative engineering solutions.

Beyond technical success, our Squads are also there to support you and your people. Whether it’s helping you to find the right talent, improving team engagement or helping you to transform your culture.

Of course, we’re also there to look after our own people, ensuring they are healthy and happy and equipped to do the best job possible.

5. Communicate and Celebrate Your Successes

Your Squad will also help you tell the right stories to win hearts and minds across the business.

Our marketing experts on the Squad help to deliver a mix of stand-out content, events and branded materials to create excitement around change, as well as a sense of ownership and a deeper understanding of the transformation’s value.

6. Ongoing Support From Digital Transformation Experts

Our Squads are self-supporting and autonomous at the heart.

With leadership across the Squad responsible for operational, management and delivery excellence, you’ll be supported at each step to ensure the Squad is always completely aligned with your goals and expectations.

In Summary

The Squad Model enables us to collaborate in the best way possible, working together to deliver measurable value to our customers.

If you want to find out how Squads can help you achieve your business goals quickly, get in touch.

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