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Contino Squads

Digital transformation is...complex!

It’s about much more than just technology change. It also requires a huge shift in culture. And cultural change can be difficult to tackle.

Introducing Squads

To make each and every transformation initiative a success, we align the different areas of our business to a cross-functional team that works to support all the elements of your transformation.

We call this team a 'Squad'.

Watch our video to find out how Squads can help you achieve your business goals fast.

The Contino Squad Model

The Squad Model helps our customers tell their stories, transform their culture and find the right people to make their journey a success.

Our Squads are self-supporting and autonomous at the heart. You’ll be supported at each step to ensure the Squad is aligned with your goals and expectations. With leadership across the Squad responsible for operational, management and delivery excellence.


People-First Culture

We know that to create long-term, sustainable change, your people need to be at the heart of what we do together—fostering an engineering-first culture.

That’s why on every Squad, you’ll find a group of experienced and passionate Contino engineers and technical consultants that work closely alongside your own teams to successfully deliver against agreed outcomes—sharing knowledge, upskilling your teams and transforming your ways of working.


Squads Evolve to Suit Your Needs

We also know that your needs may change! We mobilise the best team possible for your challenge, adding new skills into the Squad when necessary so you have the right expertise on hand at every step of your journey.

It’s about creating a long-term, joint partnership that is fully flexible to suit your needs.


Get in Touch

If you’re interested in finding out more about Squads, get in touch!

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