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AVEVA: Building Automated CI/CD Pipeline in AWS to Deliver Innovative New SaaS Applications

The Client

AVEVA builds world-class engineering and design applications to support several industry verticals, including oil and gas, utilities and marine companies.

The Challenge

In response to increasing market pressure to provide ever-better digital experiences for its customers, AVEVA is diversifying its offering by providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

As part of a SaaS programme, many of AVEVA’s applications are being deployed to the AWS cloud. Recognising the need to accelerate delivery and provide expertise in key areas of Continuous Delivery and AWS infrastructure architecture, the AWS Professional Services team recommended Contino as a trusted Enterprise DevOps partner. Contino’s role was to ensure that AVEVA started with best practices to ensure successful delivery on time and within budget, whilst also building up capability and knowledge within the AVEVA development team.

The Solution

Contino was engaged with a dual delivery and upskilling approach. This demonstrates that as well as helping clients deliver their most strategic projects, Contino focuses on skills transfer and improving its clients’ DevOps capability.

With this mandate, the Contino team assisted with building the foundations for a continuous delivery pipeline, improved automated deployment mechanisms, and assisted with automating the creation of configuration managed Amazon Machine Images.

Contino provided architectural oversight and guidance for the agile development of the cloud platform, governance and advice on DevOps and AWS security best practices, and helped ensure AWS best practices were applied.

Additionally, Contino provided knowledge and experience with serverless architecture, design and implementation using AWS native resources including AWS Lambda with JavaScript, DynamoDB, API Gateway, SNS, SQS, CloudFormation and CloudFront.

Contino’s knowledge and experience contributed to the development of AVEVA’s cloud platform, which is based on serverless architectures with AWS Lambda.

Contino was able to coach and upskill AVEVA staff to understand each delivered work package so that it can be re-used with other teams. Filmed lunch-and-learn sessions were socialised within AVEVA in order that new technologies like HashiCorp Consul and Vault could be consumed and understood where future needs require them.

The Result

As a result of Contino’s engagement, the core development teams have a deeper understanding of microservices, CI/CD and the AWS platform, and AVEVA is better placed to bridge the gaps between development and operations, and to accelerate the future innovation of its applications and innovation platforms.

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AVEVA: Building Automated CI/CD Pipeline in AWS to Deliver Innovative New SaaS Applications

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