The Client

DueDil is a predictive company-intelligence platform building the world’s most complete source of information on companies and the people behind them. DueDil’s powerful API and web platform ( provide its clients with the data and tools to target, assess and onboard SMEs at scale.

DueDil uses proprietary matching technology to link billions of company data points from authoritative sources, providing unique insight through their Business Information Graph (B.I.G).

The Challenge

As a venture-funded business founded in 2011, DueDil has evolved from a startup into an organisation that provides value to some of the largest financial institutions in the world by providing the most comprehensive, up-to-date picture of private companies.

This evolution has come with a stringent requirement for minimal errors and maximum platform availability, necessitating a move away from on-premises infrastructure stack that can impact release times, and slow data import processes. The release of an important new product feature in early 2020 - International Data – added to the urgency.

The data pipeline for the International Data product relies heavily on adopting GCP’s world-class data warehousing and processing infrastructure, which put DueDil into a position of investing in both their existing private cloud provider and GCP. Given that this dependence increases the complexity of DueDil’s infrastructure stack, a decision was made to migrate entirely to GCP. This would bring the added benefits of allowing DueDil to rely on GCP PaaS products and industry-standard tooling instead of the custom tooling and infrastructure they had been building previously, which would lead to increased flexibility, security, and availability of their infrastructure stack, while also reducing the potential for technical debt in maintaining custom solutions built by engineers over the past several years.

Contino is happy to switch out consultants with SMEs when required, to ensure there is always an expert available, even with a company that has a wide breadth of technologies in use.”

As the Infrastructure team’s expertise was centred around the custom internal tooling for their on-premises provider (which they had invested significant time into building and maintaining), GCP upskilling was required. However, the time-pressure of the migration deadline meant that little investment could be made with the limited resources they had available.

It became clear that DueDil needed expert external resources to be successful with the migration project within the ambitious timeframes: resources that could be hyper-focused on the project without being pulled into “business as usual” work such as firefighting issues with the existing infrastructure. This led to DueDil reaching out to Contino.

The Solution

DueDil selected Contino to provide the following:

  • An assessment of the current GCP account and migration effort
  • A gap analysis and plan of execution to course-correct the current GCP implementation to a production-grade set-up
  • Alignment with GCP best practices to ensure that the environment meets enterprise-grade security and governance best-practices
  • A pilot migration, to create a runbook to migrate future applications at scale 
  • Guidance and support migrating the remaining applications and dependencies to the corrected GCP platform

DueDil chose Contino for the following reasons:

  • Contino is recognised for its expertise in cloud migrations
  • DueDil recognised the expertise in GCP of the consultants they met 
  • Contino does not send single consultants on engagements, which reduces the risk of consultants being pulled into the status quo, and instead allows for difficult conversations that force DueDil to ask themselves questions about their operating model 
  • Contino is happy to switch out consultants with SMEs when required, to ensure there is always an expert available, even with a company that has a wide breadth of technologies in use

The Result

Working with Contino will allow DueDil to:

  • Derisk the implementation of their “go all in on GCP” IT strategy
  • Hit their 2020 deadlines while also creating a secure and maintainable engineering foundation for the next phase of growth
  • Empower their new infrastructure team with the skills and collateral to take over and continue the growth of the platform throughout 2020 and beyond
  • Hire the best engineering talent by leveraging Contino’s expertise during the recruitment process