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Contino and Amazon OpenSearch

Contino Partners With AWS to deliver Amazon OpenSearch.

Migrating to Amazon OpenSearch Service enables advanced functionality, ability to scale, and better price points.

Our AWS Credentials

  • Partnership: Contino is a Premier Services member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN).

  • Competencies: We have been awarded competencies in Migration, Data and Analytics, DevOps, Financial Services and Energy Competency.

  • Certifications: We have over 200 AWS Certifications held by our technical team globally.

  • GTM Initiatives: Contino participates in the Well-Architected Partner Program, Immersion Day Partner, AWS Lambda Service Delivery and the Public Sector Partner Program.

The Benefits of Migrating to Amazon OpenSearch

We have identified key areas where organisations can improve, such as security, scalability and price performance

    44% better price performance with Graviton2 processors.
    Up to 90% cost reduction with UltraWarm nodes and cold storage.
    Scale with reduced operational cost.
    Scale up to 200 nodes and 3 petabytes with a managed service. Autotune, backups, upgrades, patching, failed node replacement, and more.
    In compliance with HIPPA, FedRamp, PCI, SOC, and many more.
    Encryption, access control, 24/7 monitoring, data replication across 2 availability zones, cross cluster and region replication.

Migrating to Amazon OpenSearch

Migrate your On-Premise or Self-Managed Elasticsearch to Amazon OpenSearch Service: Choose your migration strategy: blue/green, snapshot recovery, or upgrade.

Migrate your Splunk workloads: Scale to petabytes with up to 90% cost reduction. Advanced functionality with the new observability and machine learning features.

Migrate your Solr, Algolia, or other Log and Search solutions: Amazon OpenSearch Service is feature-rich enabling you to migrate other log analytics and search solutions.

Contino partners with Amazon OpenSearch

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