Transforming large complex enterprises and preparing them for the future is no easy task. You need to consider things from an engineering perspective, from a delivery perspective and most importantly from a business perspective, to have any chance of succeeding. And when hiring for transformational consulting - like Contino - there are very few unicorns in this world that can do everything.

So, instead we hire unicorn teams. Here's why:

The best engineer, may not be the best at operationalising their solution across the entire enterprise for example. Even within Engineering, there are so many disciplines: the best cloud specialist, may not be the best developer, tester, security specialist or data expert.

This is why at Contino we prefer to hire cross-functional teams, or as I like to call them: 'Unicorn Teams'. This means we hire people who are specialists in their respective fields, and when brought together become unstoppable. Another benefit of these types of teams is that when individuals come together with different skill sets their skills eventually transfer to each other and then everyone becomes even better for it.

As a result, this is why I don’t recommend large organisations try to solve their problems by hiring lone wolf consultants. Even if this lone wolf is equally as smart as a Contino consultant, their lack of global team support means that they will never be

Furthermore, having diverse sets of skills within a team makes the team exponentially stronger. In my opinion strength through diversity, not only applies to diverse skill sets, but I also believe diversity in age, cultural backgrounds, gender and experiences also make teams stronger. When there is team unity and everyone can lean upon their varied experiences, the team will always be better! And, you will have an unstoppable 'unicorn team.'



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Gerhard Schweinitz

Head of Talent (APAC)

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