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How to Get the Most Out of Google Cloud Next
Richard Bennett

How to Get the Most Out of Google Cloud Next: OnAir

Due to current circumstances, the usual Google Cloud Next events have been moved online to Google Cloud Next: OnAir. This updated format runs over a nine-week period, delivering a digital event focused on a different topic weekly – every Tuesday from 14 July – aptly named “OnAir”.

The Agenda-at-a-Glance

  • WEEK ONE: Industry Insights
  • WEEK TWO: Productivity & Collaboration
  • WEEK THREE: Infrastructure
  • WEEK FOUR: Security
  • WEEK FIVE: Data Analytics
  • WEEK SIX: Data Management & Databases
  • WEEK SEVEN: Application Modernization
  • WEEK EIGHT: Cloud AI
  • WEEK NINE: Business Application Platform

What to Expect From the Sessions

The event is free of charge, and will provide a wide range of session styles: from industry highlights from Google Cloud executives, breakout sessions, expert tutorials and interactive programs such as Study Jams, the Cloud Hero game and gamified hands-on labs, through to Q&A sessions and live technical discussions with the Google Cloud Developer Relations team. It will also include real world examples where customers will tell their digital transformation stories and how they’re using Google Cloud to solve problems and achieve their objectives more quickly.

When registering, participants will gain one month’s free access to curated Google Cloud learning paths on Qwiklabs & Pluralsight, which provide great resources to help with preparation for certification exams.

There are over 200 talks for attendees to take in between July and September - in addition to the Keynotes with Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian - so to help you break it down we’ve picked the best, so you can skip the rest!

Our Top Picks: What Not to Miss at Google Cloud Next 2020

Next OnAir has a very exciting list of speakers, including customers and Google engineers sharing their insights. During his keynote presentation, Thomas Kurian will share insights on how businesses can leverage cloud technology to build for the future and adapt to complexities, challenges, and opportunities. Definitely one not to miss!

But there are many more sessions to watch out for in addition to the Keynotes.

At Contino, we support our customers across Five Core Pillars which reflect the cardinal directions of transformative activity for businesses regardless of specific roles, and as such, we’ve picked out a few key sessions that align to each of these pillars.

Cloud Platform Build and Migration

If you find these sessions useful, make sure to check out:

Enterprise DevOps Transformations

For more on enterprise transformation, we have two webinars you might like that dive a little deeper:

DevSecOps and Cloud Security

We’ve seen customers adopt SRE as a means to embed security in everything they do. Check out the following Contino webinar for more information:

Cloud-Native Software Development

The real value in cloud adoption is to break the shackles of on-premise approaches and embrace cloud-native technologies and methodologies. It’s not always easy to do, as our recent webinar below illustrates!

You might also be interested in our latest white paper, The Ultimate Guide to Cloud-Native: Breaking Out of On-Prem Prison.

Data Platforms and Analytics

From adopting a data strategy to pipelines, analytics, AI & ML, no business can afford to stand still, with some of the biggest challenges associated with a change in the way data is perceived. The following webinar might be useful for those who’ve taken in these sessions:

If you attend a session, or read our suggested additional content and it raises questions, why not email us at to arrange a discussion with our Google Cloud Platform experts?

Looking for More?

When Google Next was originally planned for face-to-face in San Francisco, we were delighted to secure a presentation slot for Contino’s very own Mihnea Spirescu. Due to the refactoring of the event, the partner sessions unfortunately didn’t make the final schedule. However, Contino is very excited to announce a new partnership with Google Developer Group Cloud London Meetup Group, where on Thursday 16th July, Mihnea has the pleasure of delivering our inaugural group talk on Cloud Run, which ties in well with Google Next OnAir ‘20 where this topic will be covered in some depth. 

With over 7,000 members, the group is certainly one of the more active engineering groups on the meetup platform, conducting several hacks and workshops each month, as well as general talks. More info on Mihnea’s talk and registration for the event can be found here: Cloud Run: Overcoming the challenges of building & deploying Serverless Apps

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