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AWS Summit London 2022
Rosh Plaha

AWS Summit London 2022: 10 Sessions We Are Hyped For

The AWS Summit is finally back in London (after two years!) and we’re confident we’ll get 10,000 steps in at the Excel centre on the 27 April 2022.

This year, there’s going to be an incredible 80+ sessions throughout the day. With so much choice on what sessions to attend, we’ve created a list of the top 10 sessions that you won’t want to miss!

What Is the AWS Summit?

The AWS Summit is a great opportunity to deep dive, connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. It’s also a chance to network with fellow technology enthusiasts and not only understand AWS services better—but also other complementary solutions available in the marketplace. (It’s also a great opportunity to pick up a lot of swag!)

Whether you’re a budding developer, an IT executive, or a technical decision-maker, there will be plenty of stands and sessions for you to explore. So with that said, here’s my list of the top 10 sessions I’m most looking forward to.

10 Sessions Not to Miss at AWS Summit 2022

1. Modernize your data architecture by getting the most from data lakes and purpose-built databases

Session ID: AN-01 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Auditorium | Level: 200

We’ve helped a lot of our customers successfully transition to the cloud. However, the journey doesn't end there. Understanding how organisations can better leverage their data across departments and reduce the friction for data access is part of many of our customers’ cloud strategies in 2022 and beyond. That’s why we think this session is not one to miss!

2. Improve application availability and performance with observability services

Session ID: CO-01 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Theatre 1 | Level: 300

A lot of our customers are trying to improve the observability of their cloud estates —becoming proactive rather than reactive in the monitoring of their applications. We’re curious to deep dive into AWS’ session on how they are looking to empower teams to understand and monitor their technical stacks in near real-time.

3. Get inside the AWS silicon innovation and understand how it benefits your organisation

Session ID: CP-04 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Theatre 5 | Level: 200

AWS launched Graviton 3 at Re:invent 2021; here’s another chance to understand AWS silicon and how it's not only faster but even more efficient than the previous generation of processors.

4. Reinvent hybrid and extend AWS to your on-premises and edge environments

Session ID: CP-02 | Time: 16:40 | Room: Theatre 7 | Level: 200

It’s not always beneficial to move your entire IT operations to the cloud. There are numerous reasons why having some of your applications running on-prem still makes sense for some industries and organisations. So being able to seamlessly integrate on-premise and AWS together—with a deep understanding of how you design for latency, security and availability—is a topic we’re always keen to hear more about.

5. Reinvent your business with people and culture first, technology next

Session ID: ET-02 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Theatre 3 | Level: 100

Many enterprises fail to realise their full potential due to the common misconception that digital transformation is just a technology problem. Amazon lives and breathes the same mantra as Contino it seems; so we’re excited to hear what they have to say at this session!

6. Creating a sustainable energy future by turning off wind farms

Session ID: IN-05 | Time: 14:30 | Room: Capital Suite 11 | Level: 200

OK, this title really has us intrigued. We’ve spoken a lot about sustainability recently at Contino. There’s been our post on sustainable data driven insights, a blog on the sustainability pillar being added to the Well Architected Framework, and our new 5-day sustainability sprint assessment on the AWS Marketplace. I’m fairly confident this will be one of the most popular sessions of the day.

7. Transform your technology procurement and governance approach with AWS Marketplace

Session ID: MK-01 | Time: 12:15 | Room: Capital Suite 10 | Level: 100

We all know how popular Amazon’s Consumer Marketplace has been over the last 20 years and we’re keen to see how they can apply this approach to IT service offerings. You can see some of Contino’s own offerings on the marketplace here. With that said, we’re excited to hear more about AWS’ vision for the Marketplace in the coming year.

8. Best practices to design and build event-driven applications

Session ID: MA-02 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Auditorium | Level: 300

Here at Contino we’re big fans of event-driven architectures. One such technology that empowers this is AWS EventBridge—a serverless event bus that makes it super easy to connect many AWS services together. In fact, EventBridge is used a lot in our Flight Controller offering that you can find out more about in this short youtube video here. With that said, we still think brushing up on best practices for event-driven architectures is a great way for us to spend our morning at the Summit.

9. Designing resilient and well-architected apps with Chaos Engineering

Session ID: WS-05 | Time: 13:25 | Room: Capital Suite 4 | Level: 200

Testing applications in software development is typically associated with well structured and repeatable processes and suites. We know the term Chaos Engineering has been coined for a while now but we think it's well worth a recap on what tooling is available to help flex and test the resilience of application architectures.

10. Architecting for Sustainability

Session ID: AR-05 | Time: 11:15 | Room: Theatre 1 | Level: 300

We were really excited at Re:invent for AWS to officially announce that a new Sustainability Pillar was to be added to their Well Architected Framework (WAF). And in the below session we will now have a great opportunity to better understand key techniques AWS suggests to create a more sustainable IT footprint.

Meet with Contino

Contino and Inawisdom are excited to be teaming up as Gold Sponsors at AWS Summit 2022! Between sessions feel free to visit our joint stand (G8), on the Expo floor. Whether you want to talk about how to harness your cloud data, talk about all things digital transformation, enterprise cloud and DevOps, or just want some free merch, come and say hello!

AWS Summit schedule

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