Contino is back for the third year running to sponsor the AWS Summit in London taking place on 8 May at the ICC ExCel.

Over the last few years the Summit series has grown significantly from circa 6,000 attendees in 2017 to a projected 12,000+ this year - mirroring the astounding growth across AWS as a whole.

The rate of change at AWS shows no sign of slowing down. AWS now produce thousands of releases across the year to update or introduce new services, with 80+ product announcements at the 2018 re:Invent conference alone.

A Shift in Focus at This Year's AWS Summit: The Need for Speed

Looking at the agenda for this year’s summit, it’s interesting to note how few sessions are themed around cloud adoption as a means to save money on infrastructure costs. Instead, the majority are based on how organisations can deliver digital products to market better and much faster using AWS. This reflects a significant change in enterprise perceptions of public cloud adoption and a key narrative of AWS.

Indeed: the driving principle behind public cloud adoption in the enterprise is the need for traditional enterprises to compete with their more agile rivals, and fast.

As it stands, many of these established enterprises are being outmanoeuvred by modern businesses that are much better equipped to bring products to market at speed.

We’ve seen this trend most visibly in the banking & financial services sectors where, according to our own research, 57% of companies believe that competition from born-in-the-cloud startups is “very much” or “completely” a driver for digital transformation (The State of DevOps in Financial Services). Fast-growing fintechs like Monzo, Revolut and Stripe are disrupting the business of more traditional enterprises – but this is happening across all industry verticals.

So you've heard of the Gospel of Cloud?

How do you make sure you get everything promised to you?

You need to evolve your operating model!


Accelerating Transformation

More and more traditional enterprises are responding to this threat by accelerating their own cloud journey. Even with the best intentions and excellent resources however, achieving real change is no easy task. Enterprises tend to get bogged down in large-scale, all-encompassing transformation initiatives that fall into the same waterfall-style approach that got them into trouble in the first place!

That’s why Contino introduces change with ‘Lighthouse Projects’. These short-term projects aim to prove the case for DevOps and cloud, establishing a scalable new operating model for other projects within the broader digital transformation initiative. They exist to provide a mandate for the difficult work of transforming cultures, evolving processes and maximising technology.

(Interested in knowing more about Lighthouse Projects? Here’s how it works.)

Transformation Is Cultural

This shift in focus makes us particularly excited to be part of this year’s event. Contino was built on the basis that true enterprise change is brought about not by the adoption of tools, or replicating data centres en masse in the cloud, but by a change in people, process and culture towards a new way of working.

The breakout sessions in the agenda for this year’s event reflect the range of customer challenges right across the spectrum of cloud adoption; from sessions covering foundational topics like migration, networking and platform-building, right up to more cloud-native activity such as using data in real time, standing up DevOps capabilities for modern application development and utilising technologies like containers and serverless effectively.

We’re Here to Help

As one of the fastest partners ever to reach Premier Consulting Partner status with AWS, Contino was acknowledged at last year’s AWS re:Invent for creating huge value. We work to ‘de-risk’ your transformation initiatives with AWS. Using DevOps principles to change the way organisations deliver products to market, we focus on driving a faster time-to-value for cloud in addition to insourcing skills and capability. All of this means that customers can access benefits of public cloud faster and gain traction for broader adoption.

This in turn helps unstick stalling enterprise transformation and thus deliver capabilities that drive real business value from the adoption of AWS Cloud.

The Contino team will be at stand S37 to share insight on how we’ve helped enterprise-scale customers accelerate their adoption of AWS Cloud at all parts of that spectrum. If you’d like to book some time in advance for a more in-depth conversation, email us at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you there!



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Dominic Ayres

Partner Manager

Dominic is Partner Manager at Contino, managing our relationship with key strategic partners AWS, Docker and Hashicorp. Previously at Gartner, Dominic brings experience of working with IT leaders from both public and private sectors; from mid-market to large enterprises.

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