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How to Get the Most Out of AWS’ EMEA Online Summit
Richard Bennett

How to Get the Most Out of AWS’ EMEA Online Summit

Due to the current pandemic, all of the usual AWS Summit events have been cancelled, however, this year AWS is running an EMEA summit online.

There are 55 talks for attendees to take in - in addition to the Keynotes with Werner Vogels and Andy Jassy - so to help you break it down we’ve picked the best, so you can skip the rest!

As ever, it’s important to get insight from the opening and closing keynotes. The speakers for the EMEA online Summit are:

  • Werner Vogels, chief technology officer of
  • Andy Jassy, chief executive officer of AWS
  • Matt Garman, vice president of AWS worldwide sales and marketing

We can expect similar themes in Werner Vogels’ keynote address for EMEA as we saw in his address to the US & Canada online summit in May - that the COVID-19 crisis has made the importance of having a secure, reliable technological foundation that can easily scale in response to change more apparent than ever before.

Of course, the adoption of AWS public cloud services provides the capability for organisations to mitigate such external pressures - but also grants the opportunity to re-orient their business to be more attuned to changes in demand and to be better differentiated to their customers moving forward.

In many ways, there’s never been a better time for businesses to commit to transforming the way they operate, with cloud at the core.

Andy Jassy and Matt Garman adopted a ‘fireside chat’ format for their segment in the US & Canada summit, addressing some of the challenges AWS customers are facing in the current circumstances, and how AWS have started to support them.

Customer service, for example, has effectively changed overnight - with many businesses looking to Amazon Connect as a means to maintain customer contact whilst their physical call-centres were locked down.

You can expect Andy and Matt to dive into more detail about areas of business disruption - and the subsequent opportunity to emerge from it - in their session.

The Summit Agenda-at-a-Glance:

As with any AWS event, there’s a huge amount of choice available in terms of sessions, and the online summit is no exception. This year, AWS have adopted role-based tracks, as you can see in the agenda above.

At Contino, we support our customers across five core pillars which reflect the cardinal directions of transformative activity for businesses regardless of specific roles, and as such, we’ve picked out a few highlights for each area.

See below for how some key sessions line up with Contino’s Five Pillars, and how we can help you accelerate your journey to cloud adoption

Cloud Platform Build and Migration

  • Accelerate innovation with hybrid capabilities and infrastructures
  • Migrate your enterprise applications to the cloud

If you find these sessions useful, make sure to check out:

Enterprise DevOps Transformation

  • Making Sense of Chaos - Operational Visibility on Distributed Systems
  • Blending Spot and On-Demand Instances and optimizing costs

For more on enterprise transformation, we’ve two webinars to dive deeper:

DevSecOps and Cloud Security

  • Automating threat detection and remediation
  • Scale permissions management with attribute-based access control

We’ve seen customers adopt SRE as a means to embed security in everything they do. Check out the following Contino session for more information:

Cloud-Native Software Development

  • Event-driven architecture
  • Purpose-built databases for modern applications

The real value in cloud adoption is to break the shackles of on-premise approaches and embrace cloud-native technologies and methodologies. It’s not always easy to do, as the following session will illustrate!

Data Platforms and Analytics

  • AWS DeepRacer: Train, evaluate, and tune your reinforcement learning model
  • Build NLP models with Amazon SageMaker
  • Streaming and real-time analytics

From adopting a data strategy, to pipelines, analytics, AI & ML, no business can afford to stand still, with some of the biggest challenges associated with a change in the way data is perceived. The following webinar might be useful for those who’ve taken in these sessions:

You can register in advance for the EMEA Online Summit on the event microsite here:, where you’ll be able to check out the agenda in full.

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