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Bell Media

Canada’s Leading Broadcaster Delivers Multiple Streaming Services, Optimized With DevOps

About the Customer

Bell Media is Canada's leading content creation company with premier assets in television, radio, out-of-home advertising, digital media, and more.

The Challenge

Bell Media needed to deliver new streaming enhancements and functionality to the Canadian market. This endeavor came in addition to existing challenges Bell Media had been facing in struggling with long, laborious deployments and a need to make releases shorter and more reliable, without impacting their already-tight product timeline. The urgency for these improvements came from a need to meet customer demands, remain competitive, and enter
new markets.

The Solution

Contino worked closely with Bell Media team members to improve deployment time and stability by delivering a DevOps MVP that could be used across Bell Media’s other digital platforms. This was done through:

  • Consolidating disparate pipeline processes into GitLab-CI
  • Decoupling extraneous builds from deployment process
  • Piloting rolling and blue/green deployments
  • Transitioning merge-based deployment processes to image promotion, immutable artifacts, and versioning

Contino introduced practices that can reduce deployment time by 70% and reduce process complexity by 60%. Additionally, Contino instituted new measurability and metrics, creating a solid foundation for DevOps maturity that Bell Media can leverage in the future.

Contino continuously recommended small changes that the team could adopt ‘yesterday’. They took our suggestion to have Bell Media team members lead the weekly demos, which was a great success. I could sense that there was buy-in to the idea and understanding of how to apply the new practices.


The Business Outcome

Bell Media and Contino set the stage to deliver features to market faster and more predictably. Zero-downtime deployments and expanded rollback and disaster-recovery options reduce the risk of customer impact during deployment, making it safer to innovate and deliver on demand. By adopting processes where cycle time can be measured and optimized, Bell Media will be able to keep their momentum going and grow a culture of continuous improvement.

Through Contino’s work with Bell Media, the customer can confidently launch products to market with significantly reduced technical risk, and is prepared to continue high-impact process improvements to fuel innovation for their customers.

Contino paired with members of our technical team to tackle specific problems in our environment and deliver solutions together. They were focused on our needs from day one, rather than one-size-fits-all advice. Contino was able to make impactful progress in a very short time.


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