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Williams Lea

Creating a Blueprint for Cloud Migration at Williams Lea

Williams Lea

Creating a Blueprint for Cloud Migration at Williams Lea

Williams Lea is the leading global provider of skilled business-critical support services to financial, legal and professional services firms. Its Customer Communications Management (CCM) services securely digitise, index, share and manage information that’s vital to customer interactions.

Contino were engaged as part of Williams Lea's plans to migrate from existing data centres onto AWS to accelerate a multi-year plan to reduce operational costs and move towards cloud-native development.

The Challenges

Williams Lea's Customer Communications Management (CCM) service line has a significant infrastructure estate, with end-of-life and end-of-support challenges, which underpins numerous apps that support this line of business. This has led to:

  • Cost inefficiencies
  • Limited agility due to managed service providers' lengthy change periods
  • A need for cloud migration expertise for an accelerated move to AWS
  • Significant legacy infrastructure with duplication and cross over
  • A desire to improve disaster recovery and resilience posture using cloud-native techniques and best practices

The Engagement

The following key outcomes were achieved thanks to the partnership with Contino and AWS:

1) A Single Source of Truth

A comprehensive description of systems, licenses and assets to be migrated, identifying the gaps and outlining planned optimised consumption by moving to AWS.

2) A cloud-native blueprint for migrating four data centres to AWS

Contino defined a blueprint to migrate to AWS; including tools to be used, cut-over strategies and
migration waves for the existing data centres. In addition, the plan detailed the target approach for
Cloud Security and a net new AWS Landing Zone.

3) A plan outlining the sequencing of the migration, including technical dependencies and the identification of key obstacles to overcome to successfully migrate

4) Identification of an approach for consuming AWS that simplifies the long term business roadmap

5) Operating model and ways of working recommendations for an optimal cloud-based delivery post migration

6) An updated business case for the migration to AWS

Contino created a business case which supports moving and consolidating key applications to
AWS (Phase 1) and then transforming and further cost optimising (Phase 2).

The Outcomes

Williams Lea is now benefiting from a wealth of additional data dashboards - including visualisations data tracking, delivered before - during - and after the migration.

Working towards 30% cost saving.

The Engagement Continues:

Execution is already underway to bring this blueprint to life and deliver on the migration plans - freeing Williams Lea to realise its projected annualised cost saving and all-new functionality with AWS.

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