About Momentum

Momentum is our battle tested framework for transforming enterprise IT to a DevOps & Cloud operating model and culture. It consists of a defined roadmap of activities and a process for measuring maturity, capability uplift and business value.

Principles Behind Momentum

  • Lightweight

    It isn't all encompassing, strict and rigid. It's a flexible framework which can be applied to your organisational context and journey.

  • Opinionated

    It's delivery focussed and opinionated, based on our experiences of helping approaching 100 organisations on the Enterprise DevOps journey.

  • Scalable

    Secures small proof points of DevOps in your environment before accelerated scale up.

  • Measurable

    Using our proprietary DevOps maturity database, we baseline performance and track progress at regular interviews. We plug these into capability matrices to track and socialise progress.

  • Holistic

    It accounts for all people, process and technology elements of a DevOps transformation.

  • Proven

    Momentum has been developed and tested with some of the largest and most ambitious DevOps transformations in the world.

Continuous Improvement With DevOpsMaturity.com

DevOpsMaturity.com is a tool we use as part of Momentum to help teams and organisations track their DevOps journey. It is a simple survey application which allows organisations and teams to self assess their current capabilities, and then improve these capabilities over time using a data driven approach.

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