Increased speed, lower costs and more scalable levels of innovation

Large organisations across the globe continue to accelerate their journey to leverage the power of public cloud platforms. AWS offers organisations access to increased speed, lower costs and more scalable levels of innovation because of the capability that comes with their platform. Enterprise organisations also have a requirement to provide effective operational support frameworks that flex cohesively with cloud adoption. AWS are closely aligned and able to support this growth through their AWS Managed Service (AMS) offering.

Contino works closely with large organisations who are innovating on the AWS platform and share a long term vision to pursue a cloud native architecture for their most critical applications. 

We understand that for many of our customers this is a journey and they often require a heightened level of support for their AWS infrastructure and also for workloads that are yet to move into a cloud native architecture. 

Contino's experience and capability across Cloud Platform and Migration and DevOps as well as our close trusted partnership with Amazon Professional Services, enables us to up-skill and support customers to migrate workloads into AWS Managed Services at speed and at scale.

Our Framework for Migration: Momentum

Momentum is our battle tested framework for transforming enterprise IT to a DevOps and Cloud operating model and culture. It consists of a defined, five-phase roadmap of activities and a process for measuring maturity, capability uplift and business value.