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Transforming Grid Compute in Investment Banking: High Performance Grid Computing on AWS

Cloud solutions are the clear successor of on-premises grid compute. They are emerging from the early adopter phase and moving towards critical mass as a proven method for delivering near-unlimited capacity in a scalable, secure and cost-effective manner.

The business case for accelerating grid compute with AWS is overwhelmingly compelling, but there are very real challenges facing CIOs that might cause them to hesitate.

This white paper explores the benefits of HPGC on AWS, dissolves some of the hesitation that CIOs might feel and shows how to kickstart your transformation with a lighthouse project to prove the concept at low risk.

The white paper covers:

  • Why banks need to increase the performance of their grid compute
  • The business challenges facing CIOs
  • The benefits of high-performance grid compute on AWS
  • How to start your transformation to HPGC with a lighthouse project
  • Proving the concept of HPGC in the cloud