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[Free Tool] Operational Resilience Dashboard

There’s no escaping operational resilience as a central plank of any enterprise business model.

That's why we built an Operational Resilience Dashboard. 

What it does: the dashboard helps large, regulated enterprises to understand, at a high-level, their operational resilience across critical business service lines (e.g. making a payment, opening an account, onboarding new customer). 

In essence, you will have a much clearer idea of your risk posture across the key business services you provide.

It can be applied to quickly identify potential risks across your architecture or where investments may be required to match regulatory requirements or the demands of customers.

How it works: the dashboard allows you to map business service lines to the levels of risk in the technology components that underpin them. 

You can then cross-reference the risk inherent in these components against your own target objectives, whether these are SLAs, SLOs, Recovery Time Objectives or Recovery Point Objectives.

You can identify when the RTO, RPO, SLAs and SLOs of business service lines technology stack sit outside of your organisation's risk appetite.