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Fast & Furious: How to Unlock Digital Transformation Value Through Lighthouse Projects

According to McKinsey "digitization could deliver around $100 trillion in value to business and society over the next decade".

But digital transformations are a Herculean task. From keeping up with disruptive start-ups and ever-shifting customer expectations, confronting fierce global competitors to managing outdated regulation, cultural change and critical skills shortages - the challenges are big.

However, despite the hurdles, enterprises that have bravely executed successful digital transformations at scale have not just survived and future proofed their businesses but become industry leaders increasing revenues, margins and customer satisfaction in the process.

Through working with numerous enterprises across multiple industries, we have developed a unique approach that focuses on partnering with clients to deliver small scale ‘lighthouse' projects that act as a beacon for future capabilities and enable successful transformations at scale.

Find out how to unlock digital transformation value through lighthouse projects in our white paper: Fast & Furious.

Download the briefing and learn about:

  • The $100m transformation opportunity
  • The challenges that enterprises face
  • The common threads of transformation success
  • Our 10 approaches to digital transformation
  • How lighthouse projects act as a beacon for transformation
  • What makes lighthouse projects a success