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The CTO's Crisis Survival Guide: How to Adapt Your Transformation Program to Unforeseeable Disruption

Covid-19 has taken lives, damaged economies, and changed the ways we live and work.

And it has highlighted the real risks of Business As Usual for global companies.

At Contino, we wanted to know how companies are adapting their transformation programs to this unforeseeable disruption.

  • What has happened for our clients since the onset of this global crisis?
  • How has it affected the goals they had for their business and their people?
  • What impact has the crisis had on their digital transformation efforts?

We asked some of our clients, including VPs of Technology and CIOs at major financial services organizations, to comment on how they are adapting to the Covid-19 crisis and what it means for their organization.

They joined us on a panel discussion in July 2020 to discuss How to Adapt Your Transformation Program to an Unforeseeable Crisis.

This guide summarises their key insights!