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Unlock the Power of Murex MX.3 With AWS

Supercharge your trading and risk management operations with Murex MX.3 on Amazon Web Services

Contino partners with AWS at the highest level to help transform financial services organisations.

How It Works

Contino’s Murex MX.3 Modernisation consulting offer is the solution for migrating your Murex MX.3 environment to AWS.

Accelerate time-to-release, reduce operational risks and improve resiliency through the adoption of an infrastructure-as-code and DevOps approach that delivers a modern, secure and elastic MX.3 environment in AWS.


Our Proven Approach

Leveraging our tried and trusted Momentum framework—together with our Squad Model and dual delivery approach—Contino can help to securely migrate your MX.3 environment and upskill your team.

These proven processes have already underpinned the successful digital transformation of more than 300 enterprises worldwide.


Momentum in practice

Phase #5: Accelerate & Improve It

Cutover of production capabilities to AWS occurs, followed by ongoing enhancements of the environment – such as fine-tuning of resources used and costs incurred –as well as automation of common support activities or performance optimisations.

Phase #4: Scale It

Iterative building out of your new, AWS-hosted MX.3 environment and tooling, integrating into dependent systems and validating the platform through functional and non-functional testing takes place in conjunction with your internal teams.

Phase #3: Prove It

A rapid, lighthouse instance of the Murex MX.3 platform is designed, built and deployed within AWS, accompanied by the process improvements that are necessary to enable ongoing iterative enhancements of the target platform.

Phase #2: Plan It

Analysis of your current MX.3 landscape, cloud landing zone, compliance responsibilities, tooling and operational processes are carried out to understand your operational environment and plan the Murex MX.3 transformation strategy.

Phase #1: Nurture It

A series of workshops are held with stakeholders and teams for alignment on the Murex MX.3 transformation objectives and the DevOps/Cloud adoption necessary to deliver a successful outcome.

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Key Benefits

    Agile : DevOps-enabled pipelines and automation enable rapid, iterative releases in minutes
    Efficient : Ephemeral, right-sized environments to suit development and release needs cost-effectively
    Secure & Compliant : Integration with cloud-native services to maintain regulatory compliance and platform security
    Highly Available & Resilient : High-performance, low-latency design with automated scaling and recovery

Our AWS Credentials

  • Partnership: Contino is a Premier Services member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN).

  • Competencies: We have been awarded competencies in Migration, Data and Analytics, DevOps and Financial Services. We have applied for the new Energy Competency.

  • Certifications: We have over 200 AWS Certifications held by our technical team globally.

  • GTM Initiatives: Contino participates in the Well-Architected Partner Program, Immersion Day Partner, AWS Lambda Service Delivery and the Public Sector Partner Program.
AWS Consulting Partner

  • APN ambassadors: We have 6 APN ambassadors across our 3 global regions.

  • Contract: We have a Global MSA with AWS Professional Services.

  • AWS Partner Awards:
    • 2019 Winner APN Differentiation Partner of the Year | Application Transformation & Migration
    • 2019 Winner APN Differentiation Partner of the Year | Asia Pacific
    • 2019 & 2020 Finalist APN Consulting Partner of the Year

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