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Contino and AWS in the Energy Sector

Contino Partners With Amazon Web Services at the Highest Level to Help Transform the Energy Sector

From on the ground engineering to shaping your digital transformation, Contino has a proven track record of producing results with AWS.

Our AWS Credentials

  • Partnership: Contino is a Premier Services member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN).

  • Competencies: We have been awarded competencies in Migration, Data and Analytics, DevOps, Financial Services and Energy Competency.

  • Certifications: We have over 200 AWS Certifications held by our technical team globally.

  • GTM Initiatives: Contino participates in the Well-Architected Partner Program, Immersion Day Partner, AWS Lambda Service Delivery and the Public Sector Partner Program.

  • APN ambassadors: We have 6 APN ambassadors across our 3 global regions.

  • Contract: We have a Global MSA with AWS Professional Services.

  • AWS Partner Awards:
    • 2019 Winner APN Differentiation Partner of the Year | Application Transformation & Migration
    • 2019 Winner APN Differentiation Partner of the Year | Asia Pacific
    • 2019 & 2020 Finalist APN Consulting Partner of the Year

How We Can Help

We have identified 4 areas where organisations can improve the environmental impact of their digital products and services:

    Green Hosting: Where does the energy used to power your servers and data centres come from?
    Efficiency: How much computing power do you need to serve users?
    Findability: How quickly can users find what they need?
    Usability: How efficiently can users perform tasks?

Why Contino and AWS: Sustainability in the Cloud

The sustainability of your IT estate should be a priority. How you design and architect your systems and choose your technology has a huge impact on how green your applications and services can be.

By aligning yourself with the right partner and cloud provider, Contino can accelerate you forward on your sustainability journey.

Home Working Energy

3 Rs of Sustainable Cloud Engineering

By reviewing your estate through this lens, Contino can help you move forward to a greener, more sustainable future.

  1. Reduce - Run Costs, Data Costs, Process Waste
  2. Reuse - Energy Efficient AWS platform, Code, Process & Procedures
  3. Recycle - Best practice business process, Blue-prints, Industry Standards

3 Rs of cloud engineering

Our Proven Energy Experience

We have supported global energy leaders in adopting sustainable practices, driving dual carbon and cost efficiencies and adopting leaner practices through revitalised operating models.

Energy Case Studies


How Contino Helped EDF to Create a Modern, Cloud-Native Engineering Team in Just 14 Weeks

Case Study
Contino and Origin Case Study

Origin Energy Partners With Contino for Its Cloud Migration Journey

Case Study
Contino Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces: Overview, Use Cases and a Guide to Deployment


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