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Contino Global Offices
Casey Walker

Voices of Contino From Around the Globe

Here at Contino we know that different voices matter.

With six offices around the world and over 14 thousand miles between us, we’ve made it our mission to make sure that we celebrate our differences and allow all voices to be heard.

Continis are always encouraged to share opinions, ideas and concerns without the fear of being knocked down. Whether that’s collaborating on Diversity, Equity, Belonging and Inclusion initiatives or working together in our squads to deliver the best outcome to our customers.

This focus on knowledge-sharing and collaboration has continued throughout the pandemic. As DevOps and cloud experts, we were able to adapt to quickly remote working last year— moving all of our in-person collaboration online overnight. And we were able to help our customers do the same! Check out how we delivered a business-wide Microsoft 365 migration to enable remote working at Jera.

The pandemic undoubtedly provided many challenges for employees both in and out of work, so we realised it was extremely important to make sure that everyone felt safe, happy and well-equipped to work from home.

Keeping people happy is not all about pizza parties (although pizza on top always helps)!

This year, more than ever, we have prioritised the health and wellbeing of our employees—whether it was having an open and honest conversation about mental health, running remote cooking classes for those missing their favourite restaurants or encouraging everyone to get involved in ‘Wellness Wednesdays’.

Contino is, and always will be, a people-first organisation.

That’s why we thought it best to hear from our own people on what it means to be a Contini. We had a chat with 3 Continis from around the world to find out how they found themselves at Contino and what exactly #WeAreContino means to them.

Meet the Contini

Meet the Continis

Ruchir, Account Principal (EMEA): Born and bred in India, I speak 3 native Indian languages fluently. I came to the UK at age of 13, and GCSE ICT was my initiation into the world of computers! I carried it through to A-Levels and enrolled into Surrey University to walk away with a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science & Engineering. At Contino, I started my life as a Principal Consultant - taking on some of the large transformation projects, building a rock solid team of awesome Continis to deliver value for customers!

April, Financial Controller (APAC): I’m from China, born and raised in Shanghai. I came to Australia when I was 16 as an international student. I spent 2 amazing years in Bendigo living with an Australian family on a 6 acre farm. They taught me how to make an apple pie as well as drive a ride-on lawn mower. I then moved on to study at Monash University in Melbourne!

Thomas, Technical Principal (US): I am a problem solver first, Azure guy second. I have a degree in networking management, but never got into that field. I fell into DevOps through PowerShell automation.

How did you get into technology?

Ruchir: I was mesmerised by the simplicity of programming - especially the concepts of Object Oriented Programming! I had great influences such as my IT teachers and Programming Coach at university that really helped me understand the foundations of the modern IT world.

April: My professional background is Accounting and Finance. I then took a leap of faith and took up a role to practice corporate finance in the consulting industry before joining Contino in October 2018 and officially marked the start of my journey with tech. And I love it!

Thomas: My Mom! She pushed the idea of me getting into computers. I rebelled and worked in everything but IT for a while. I was an electrician when the housing bubble crashed and I was laid off. I went back to school and attempted to dual major in IT and Psychology, but eventually found that I liked networking and I was good at tech. So I pushed myself that way.

How have you found the last 12 months?

Ruchir: The last 12 months at Contino have been fantastic in terms of engagement and career development - from home pizza parties, to cocktail making - to career progression, with new challenges and exciting customer problems to solve!

April: I think we could all agree the last 12 months haven’t been exactly how we hoped it would be. However, the amount of activities and treats Contino managed to pull out of the hat really brings people together, even though none of us got to meet in the flesh for over 8 months. This is especially valuable for the talents we’ve onboarded during Covid—what better way to build that sense of belonging than sweat together on an Olympic challenge!

Thomas: The last 12 months have been difficult. I joined Contino to travel and upskill new people (in person). I like interacting with groups of people. However, I have participated in as many Contino events as possible and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I really enjoyed the Christmas gift exchange and “Conticribs” because they have allowed me to gain insight into those I work with.

What does #WeAreContino mean to you?

Ruchir: For me, #WeAreContino means feeling valued and the chance to really express my voice. Contino is a people first organisation and gives me loads of autonomy and opportunities to be myself at work. Contino’s approach on this has allowed me to grow from Principal Consultant to Account Principal in just a year!

April: #WeAreContino is the genuine recognition and care of each Contini as talented professionals who are at different stages of their lives. My two and a half years with Contino has been the highlight of my career. As a mum, I work part time and sometimes remotely. It may sound normal now, however it was rare back in the days, especially in Finance. The trust and support I have received to be successful in my role is one of a kind! I am very fortunate to work with a group of people who allow me to be myself and see me as who I am.

Thomas: #WeAreContino is a sense of belonging and inclusion. Everyone brings a unique perspective to each conversation! We celebrate the differences of those involved and ensure that every voice is celebrated and heard. I actually look forward to waking up and going to work. I feel like that is due to the fact that I do have a lot of autonomy here. The partnership and support I get from fellow Continis is amazing and I always feel like someone has my back and I have an ear to bend should I need one!

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