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Meet Brett Grecia, Principal Consultant at Contino

Brett Garcia

Brett Grecia is one of the newest additions to the Contino team. He joins us as a Principal Consultant and will be based in Brisbane, Australia. We caught up with Brett to find out more about his passions and what led him to join Contino.

Hi Brett, tell us about your tech journey - where did you start your career?

I started out as a full stack developer for 10 years, firstly in PHP/MySQL and quickly moved into Classic ASP then .NET. Since then I have driven DevOps change, transformed software teams, worked with Flight Centre FCM Travel, a global corporate travel business, to deliver new technology to market that help win amazing clients, and transformed an data centre technology division into a cloud centric one.

Why did you choose Contino?

Contino’s complete approach to helping customers transform made Contino stand out. Migrating applications and platforms into the cloud or setting up DevOps pipelines is only half the battle, the cultural and people transformation is a big part of what makes technology transformation successful.

What are you most passionate about?

Helping businesses get the most value out of their technology investment while creating work cultures that allow people to perform at their best.

What do you think have been the biggest trends in tech in 2020?

The use of AI in the customer service experience has seen significant growth this year, both as the technology has become more democratised and increased demand due to the rapid uptake in online channel volumes. This is just one way in which Covid has accelerated digital transformation.

The cyber security threat continues to grow as attackers take advantage of advanced AI based tooling to create even more sophisticated attacks at even greater volumes. There is a continuing AI and ML arms race between hackers and cyber security vendors.

Remote working has increased dramatically during the pandemic, technology like Amazon WorkSpaces and cloud based SaaS and PaaS solutions has allowed organisations to rapidly deploy standardised virtual environments for their distributed workforce.

How has your remote onboarding experience been?

Remote on-boarding has been a unique but incredible experience. The Contino team is great at what they do and they have managed to make me feel like a part of the team from day one.

Want to join Brett on the Contino team? Take a look at your career opportunities here.

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