Serverless, specifically Lambda by Amazon Web Services, is experiencing rapid adoption amongst our enterprise client base.

This rate of adoption surprised us, as enterprises can be risk averse and slow to adopt transformational technology. 

However, the benefits are so compelling that serverless is hitting the prime time fairly quickly. We see it as finally delivering on the benefits of platform as a service - allowing developers to concentrate on truly differentiating application tier logic with minimal effort invested into managing middleware and infrastructure.

To help people understand serverless, Contino principal consultant Henry Bell has written a brief paper which describes the contents and provide a tutorial for those looking to get started. The paper covers:

  1. Advantages of the Serverless Model 
  2. Serverless Model Watchpoints 
  3. Lambda Use Cases 
  4. Frameworks to Support Serverless Applications with Lambda 
  5. Creating Your First Serverless App: A Tutorial 
  6. Deploying the Service 
  7. Example CI/CD Pipeline for Lambda 

Lambda Whitepaper

Download our whitepaper An Introduction to Serverless with AWS Lambda.



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Henry Bell

Technical Principal

Henry started his career in embedded software engineering focusing on GPS, multimedia encode/decode and embedded Linux, before moving into computer security and malware analysis. For the last five years he has been designing and building platforms in AWS for organisations as diverse as News UK, the Met Office and the FCA, along with running and coordinating transformational cloud adoption programmes.

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