Contino is excited to announce the launch of two new offerings on the Amazon Web Services Solution Space! Our DevSecOps Strategy and Cloud Economics Accelerators represent short consulting engagements designed to address pressing needs associated with adopting public cloud. Our clients have often expressed the desire for greater visibility into the costs, benefits and security implications associated with AWS adoption, and our offerings are designed explicitly to address those concerns. Read on for specific information on each accelerator.

DevSecOps Strategy Accelerator

As our clients adopt public cloud en masse, we’ve continued to see an increased focus on strengthening IT security while remaining compliant with the ever-growing list of regulations associated with storing and processing sensitive data. The DevSecOps Strategy Accelerator is a four week consulting engagement designed for large enterprises seeking to improve security and compliance methodologies associated with their technology estate. Our consultants will conduct a top-down review of existing security processes, technology and regulatory requirements as the basis of building a holistic strategy roadmap. We will prioritize current gaps and backlog; pairing that information with upcoming regulatory and business drivers to give clients a full picture of where to most efficiently spend limited resources. The end result is an actionable strategy our clients can use to significantly enhance IT security.

Cloud Economics Accelerator

Additionally, our clients regularly ask us how to accurately determine the ROI for moving to workloads to public cloud. While there are a number of out-of-the-box monitoring tools that can provide a rough estimate of future costs associated with running workloads in the cloud, these tools do not address key business goals and potential for increased revenue unlocked through cloud adoption. Contino’s Cloud Economics Accelerator provides a proven approach to evaluating the complex factors affecting the overall costs and benefits tied to AWS adoption. The final deliverable of this engagement is an adoption roadmap created through the alignment of business goals, IT budget and cloud total cost of ownership. This report is especially impactful for business stakeholder seeking to build internal consensus around cloud adoption and overcome ‘paralysis by analysis’.



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Alex Belak

Partner Manager

Alex is the US Partner Manager at Contino, managing our relationship with key strategic partners AWS, Docker and Hashicorp. 

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