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Contino More Than A Job
Casey Walker

A Career at Contino: More Than a Job

At Contino, we’re proud to offer our employees #MoreThanAJob.

From working on cutting-edge transformative projects alongside talented engineers, to upskilling and knowledge sharing, a Contino engineer can expect to get involved in all aspects of digital transformation.

Our unique squad model provides an opportunity to collaborate with other Continis right across the business in Sales, Marketing, Finance, PeopleOps and Talent, all with a shared goal of helping a customer meet a defined, measurable outcome. Beyond each squad, you’ll also become part of an active engineering community that offers plenty of mentorship and learning opportunities. Plus, you’ll have access to a generous Learning and Development budget!

We recently sat down (virtually) with three Continis from around the world to hear what they had to say about their roles at Contino.

Simone Bennett, Cloud Lead (APAC)

Simone came to Contino 19 months ago with extensive experience in the Windows/infrastructure space. While her speciality is the Microsoft stack, she’s been part of a number of AWS cloud migrations in her time at Contino.

“I came to Contino knowing lots of people who worked there and was really impressed with the Data projects that they were working on. It seemed like an innovative and fast-moving organisation with a good culture.”

The squad model at Contino is really different from anywhere else I’ve worked but the thing that stands out most for me is the Engineering team. There are some really talented engineers and everyone is really helpful and collaborative. If there’s anything you want to learn, someone will be able to help you if you get stuck. There will be someone who's passionate about that tech and everyone will encourage you to have a go. It’s definitely nice working, day-to-day, in teams where there are no stupid questions and elitism isn’t encouraged.” 

Neil Tootell, Principal Consultant (EMEA)

Neil joined Contino two years ago with a background in Visual Communications and Web Development. He has always enjoyed applying a technical focus to user experience, software development, consultation and digital strategy.

Contino has the small-company startup feel, but with the big-hitting impact of a mature consultancy – I guess we’re the Honey Badgers of the digital transformation world. The squad model helps us feel small and agile, but there’s a sense of pride and drive for excellence that makes people go the extra mile to deliver the big results.

During my time at Contino, I’ve worked on some great projects – from building a supercomputer array for a financial institution in the Azure cloud (this was a fantastic gig as we got to play with some truly awesome computing power) to assisting a large global bank take their first baby steps into cloud-native computing. Never a dull moment!

One thing that sets Contino apart is its open-door policy when it comes to getting involved with business ventures and how it actively encourages this. We’re all invited to get involved in collaborative technology practices, making it easy to put your skills and enthusiasm to good use. In my time here, I’ve helped mentor members of staff, contributed to the collective delivery knowledge base, and helped define how reports should be written. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved to date and I hope there’s still plenty more to come.”

Mike Connors, Account Principal (US)

Mike came to us in October 2018 with a love of DevOps and years of experience in software, hardware and networking. His career even took him and his family on an adventure across South America where he learned about new cultures, people and technologies, fuelling his passion for leading teams of people through various projects.

During my first project with Contino, I was upskilled on Terraform by an engineer on my team and was immediately hooked – not only was I able to lead a technical team in improving a client’s current state but I had engineers on my team who were willing to help me continue to grow just as much as they were doing the same thing for the client.

Outside of the regular client projects, I have worked/am working on other initiatives that improve how Continis work and grow. These include individual mentorship for new hires in various roles, shadowing between engagements, and various initiatives to improve processes on engagements.

But my favorite Contino initiative is by far Contino Cares. This program allowed each of us to give back to the community by way of donations to local charities, blood donations, walks, runs...etc. However, Contino did not stop there...they added a contribution for each of the qualifying events to their own charity as well.”

Interested in joining Contino? Check out our vacancies here.

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