Contino is delighted to have been approved as a partner to conduct AWS Well-Architected Reviews.

AWS Well-Architected is a set of best practices and core strategies for reviewing critical workloads running on AWS, and consists of two key components, the Well-Architected Framework, and the Well-Architected Review.

The Framework addresses general design principles, best practices, and guidance across five pillars: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Cost Optimization. The Review component is designed to look at and measure progress against those key areas.

Well-Architected enables customers to review and improve their cloud architectures and better understand the business impact of their design decisions even with the rapid pace of change - AWS released 1400+ services and updates last year!

Why would I want to apply Well-Architected to my environment?

  • To build and deploy faster

  • To lower or mitigate risks

  • Make informed decisions on architecture

  • Learn and entrench AWS best practices

Contino are an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with a highly-certified team, and thus were selected to help scale up AWS’s ability to conduct these reviews. The benefit of working with Partners like Contino for Well-Architected Reviews is that AWS provides service credits to remediate any critical issues that are identified in the process.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Contino can help with your cloud journey, please email

As part of this year’s AWS Summit London, AWS are running their Well-Architected Day - a free, hands-on event to help illustrate how to develop AWS workloads that are secure, reliable, cost-optimized, and high-performing. 

To learn more about how Contino can support Well-Architected as part of your cloud journey, come visit us at stand 38. 



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