Enterprise organisations, ever more cognisant of the agility and time-to-market benefits of cloud, are increasingly looking to accelerate their cloud adoption journey but many are facing the challenge of making a reliable business case to do so effectively.

At 2018's Amazon Web Services Transformation Day event in London, Contino shared the stage with AWS' Leslie Goldstein to talk about how to best go about Achieving Business Value with AWS.

The session illustrated that simply capturing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the estimated costs of migrating workloads to the cloud is insufficient to form a true business case for cloud adoption - with staff productivity, operational resilience, and business agility factoring to a broader view of value that captures expected return on investment, too.

(You can find the full presentation here.)

To help our mutual customers build out this view of business value, Contino and AWS now have a joint Cloud Economics offering, based on a proven and repeatable framework we've applied at our enterprise customers. If you're looking to build a business case for broader cloud adoption, you can take a closer look at the offering on AWS' Solution Space here.

So you've heard the Gospel of Cloud?

How do you make sure you get everything promised to you?

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It includes:

Current State Analysis & Review: Information gathering and analysis including the following factors: operational costs, assets with remaining value, depreciation and licensing, application migration readiness, and understanding of the client’s existing DevOps capabilities

Business Case Development: A multi-year adoption strategy based on specific business outcomes and expected ROI

Business Technology Stakeholder Alignment: Playbacks of findings and TCO sums to key stakeholders

While there are a number of out-of-the-box monitoring tools that can provide a rough estimate of future costs associated with running workloads in the cloud, these tools do not address key business goals and potential for increased revenue unlocked through cloud adoption.

Contino's Cloud Economics Accelerator provides a proven approach to evaluating the complex factors affecting the overall costs and benefits tied to AWS adoption. The final deliverable of this engagement is an adoption roadmap created through the alignment of business goals, IT budget and cloud total cost of ownership. This report is especially impactful for business stakeholder seeking to build internal consensus around cloud adoption and overcome 'paralysis by analysis'.



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Dominic Ayres

Partner Manager

Dominic is Partner Manager at Contino, managing our relationship with key strategic partners AWS, Docker and Hashicorp. Previously at Gartner, Dominic brings experience of working with IT leaders from both public and private sectors; from mid-market to large enterprises.

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