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Bendigo Bank Cloud First Transformation Strategy

[VIDEO] Bendigo Bank: Establishing a Cloud First Strategy

How Contino helped Bendigo Bank to deliver a cloud adoption framework and establish efficient DevOps models to achieve immediate business benefits.

Bendigo Bank now has a robust Cloud solution that now meets their business, customer and regulatory needs.

Video Transcript:

Andrew Cresp, Chief Information Officer - Bendigo Bank:  Bendigo Bank is a bank of about 7000 employees. We serve 2 million Australians and why we’re different from the other Banks is we're about feeding into the prosperity of our customers and communities not off of it. The challenge we faced as an organisation is we needed to radically simplify and modernise our organisation and our technology and for us to get there we needed a partner like Contino to provide the skills to get to that outcome.

Mark Danaro, Client Principal - Contino We worked together with the team at Bendigo Bank to deliver 30 workloads in 30days. That’s an AWS process of bringing together people and charging them with a particular outcome in a confined period.

Ash Austin, Platforms Practice Lead - Bendigo Bank The Contino team were really pivotal in helping us define what that delivery strategy was going to look like. They were really great at understanding the business requirements and converting those into technology outcomes.

Denham Pinder, Director of Customer Success - Contino Culture, as they say, eats strategy for breakfast. At Contino we focus on having a people first client focused outcome and I think Bendigo puts their people at the centre of their organisation

Lauren Benedict, Cloud Community Lead - Bendigo Bank Contino have helped us to really build upon our learning culture at Bendigo Bank and they've helped us introduce a number of initiatives to support that one of them has been our Friday sessions, which is our own Tech Talks at the Bank. Squad identities have been invaluable in our culture, they’ve really helped us build that sense of team and belonging.

Vaibhav Bagaria, Cloud Engineer - Bendigo Bank Contino brought a level of empathy and helped foster a safe environment where we felt like we could promote and discuss ideas freely.

Denham Pinder, Director of Customer Success - Contino Bendigo Bank and Contino have forged a fantastic partnership. One built on trust, mutual respect and a focus on delivering outcomes for the bank

Vaibhav Bagaria, Cloud Engineer - Bendigo Bank What Contino brought to the table was a level of talent and together with their talent and and our dedication and passion for moving this bank forward we were able to collectively accelerate the adoption of Technology within the Bank and become champion of it across the organisation.

Ash Austin, Platforms Practice Lead - Bendigo Bank Once we finished the delivery of the applications. We looked back on the data and we were really surprised with what we found we noticed a 60% decrease in cost across all applications more than 20% increase in performance and a 30% increase on average in resiliency

Denham Pinder, Director of Customer Success - Contino Bendigo Bank is really well placed on their digital transformation journey. They’ve built some really strong capabilities in cloud technology really strong capabilities in ways of working and a really strong culture of delivering engineering excellence for all parties in the Bank

Lauren Benedict, Cloud Community Lead - Bendigo Bank Contino have helped us build an amazing cloud capability here at the bank. It’s helping us to deliver more value to our customers and build upon our vision to become Australia's Bank of choice

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