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Jetstar: Moving to a Fully-Enabled Data Insights Platform

About the Client

Jetstar, a Qantas Group airline, offers low fares to enable more people to fly to more places, more often.

Since launching in 2004, they have carried more than 250 million passengers and are one of the Asia Pacific’s largest low fare networks by revenue with more than 5,000 flights a week to over 85 destinations.

The Challenge

The airline has a traditional structured data warehouse that is being used for reporting and analysis, but which is unable to handle the volume, variety or velocity of the data sources necessary to enable the business to make better-informed decisions.

There was an internal drive to improve understanding of their customers, but highly valuable data sources, such as high-volume web traffic data, were not accessible through its existing data infrastructure. This meant that Jetstar could not get insights needed to provide its customers with better destination recommendations.

The Solution

  • Design and build of a highly-scalable and resilient Advanced Data Analytics platform on AWS, including modular components that can be reused for other business areas, reducing cost and time to get insights for additional use cases
  • Modern data lake architectures in the AWS cloud to enable growth as multiple business areas move onto the platform
  • Utilised Amazon Redshift and Elastic Map Reduce to better organise and analyse very large data sets
  • Creation of both ‘batch’ and ‘speed’ capabilities to drive analysis and reporting, moving away from ‘nightly reporting’ to ‘near real-time’ reporting where possible
  • Developed a machine learning implementation plan to leverage data for deeper decision-making activities in future engagements
  • Worked closely in a cross-departmental team, comprised of IT and Business Analytics to develop the platform while upskilling the teams for future development and operations.

The Contino team followed its usual dual delivery and upskill model, working with Jetstar to uplift internal capabilities and knowledge around DevOps on the platform, while delivering an enterprise grade solution.

The Business Outcome

Jetstar is now able to use multiple data sources for advanced analytics and reporting, including high velocity data, to provide insights and predictions to support business decisions. One of the first use cases of the platform is by the analytics, digital and marketing teams who are using it to shape campaigns to target individual customers with relevant content and improve response and conversion rates.

The platform has provided significant capability uplift for Jetstar and allowed them to better shape their personalized offerings to customers. It has enabled the airline to offer more relevant content and destination recommendations, which has resulted in an improved experience for the customer and higher conversion rates.

Due to the success of the first stage of this project, additional business units and departments are exploring multiple use cases for the new platform to gain better insights from their data and support their decision-making processes.

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