The COVID-19 crisis is profoundly altering the structure of our societies: how we relate, how we work, how we collaborate. At the same time, for businesses, it has incontrovertibly shown the power of digital adaptation.

That's why NOW, more than ever, is the time to invest in digital transformation.

How We Can Help

Remote working solutions. Digital collaboration software. Automated customer self-service solutions. Data-driven product strategies. Machine learning-based customer solutions. Cloud-hosted contact centres. Chatbots. Intelligent customer portals. User-driven help services. Cognitive CX. Rapid software delivery. 

We can help you minimize the disruption to your people and to your business by leveraging the astonishing power of the public cloud. 

Over hundreds of cloud platform builds and cloud-native development projects, we have delivered tangible business value many times quicker than was previously possible.

​Here are three ways that we can enable your customers and your workforce

1. Boost Remote Working with Virtual Desktops in the Cloud

Major public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) all offer a secure, scalable and cost-effective virtual desktop solution that allows you to provision workspaces on demand for all your users.

Case Study: Scaling AWS Virtual Workspaces for a Major Utility Company

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2. Enhance Customer Engagement with Virtual Contact Centres

Many call centres are not set up for remote working. We are helping our customers to deploy cloud-hosted contact centres like Amazon Connect to provide additional bandwidth to cope with growing call volumes and enable faster customer resolution times. 

Case Study: Demonstrating the Data-Driven Value of Amazon Connect at a Leading Energy Company

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3. Intelligent Customer Self-Service Solutions

We are supporting organisations to better understand how self-service solutions like chatbots can remove friction from their customer experience offerings.

Case Study: Implementing an Automated Chatbot for 8 Million Customers at a Leading UK Bank

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